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What is Accelit Managed IT Services?

Accelit Managed IT Services offer small and medium-sized companies in particular the opportunity to save significant costs. Remotely, we continuously monitor your infrastructure and systems with our Accelit Remote Monitoring and Management Framework.

All regular maintenance work such as patching the operating system, updates to your applications and virus scanners are carried out by Accelit specialists outside of your office hours.

Possible errors are detected in advance in real time, and problems that occur are proactively corrected in the background. This reduces disruptions in daily operations to the greatest possible extent and increases the efficiency of your employees.

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What is your benefit?


  • Firewall
  • Data security
  • Virus protection


  • Increased employee productivity
  • Fast IT working environment
  • Just in Time Support


  • Customized IT service
  • Cloud applications
  • Remote monitoring

What does IT security mean for your company? Backup, cloud, etc.? What interfaces and effects does IT have with the financial authorities? We enlighten you!

The Symantec study “Disaster Preparedness Survey” finds that small and medium-sized companies in particular completely underestimate the consequences of an IT failure, even though data loss or failures in technology or applications in digitized business processes can have quite significant consequences for the reputation, and in extreme cases even for the survival, of the company.

On average, a small company incurs costs of EUR 2300 per day due to the failure of a central IT infrastructure component. At over 63%, the vast majority of data loss and system failures are due to human error. According to a study by the BSI, just over 60% do not survive the complete loss of their data and go out of business within 18 months.

Furthermore, SMEs are a popular target for online criminals, economic spies and product pirates because of the existing know-how. These are increasingly making use of electronic processing of information.

The digitization of the business world is also reflected in the legal regulatory framework. An estimated 11,000 rules and documentation requirements must be met by a company today, many of which directly affect your company’s IT. Particularly often, for example, SMEs unwittingly disregard the legally compliant storage of documents as defined in the “GoBD” letter from the German Federal Ministry of Finance dated November 14, 2014.

These and other legal regulations, as well as the need to secure their own evidence in order to avoid legal disadvantages, are putting small and medium-sized companies in particular under increasing pressure to act. The digitalization of today’s business world is giving rise to completely new liability issues for managing directors, board members and authorized signatories of SMEs.

Your company is like an organism that is most effective when it is young and healthy. How can digitizing your processes help increase the efficiency of your business?

It starts with the very obvious things like outdated hardware and software equipment.

Fifteen minutes of lost employee productivity per day costs your company an average of EUR 120 per month. Slow-running systems and applications slow down employee productivity and cause frustration. According to studies by Microsoft and the Fraunhofer Institute, the use of a second monitor alone increases the efficiency of your employees by an average of 16 minutes per day.

External factors also pay negative dividends on employee productivity. For example, many SMEs do not have binding service level agreements for the availability of IT systems or support response times. Traceable incident management processes are rarely firmly established. As a result, employees spend valuable time reaching out to your IT support, describing the problem and waiting for resolution.

If your employees have access to modern equipment and systems to complete their tasks, they will not only be more satisfied, but also more motivated and work more efficiently overall, which in turn will benefit your company’s success. At least that’s how 75% of German employees surveyed in the Dell Evolving Workforce Study see it.

The technology factor is particularly crucial for younger workers under 55. Not only do they expect good to very good technical equipment, but two-thirds of respondents even consider it important to have the best technology available. After all, one-third would quit a job because of poor technological equipment.

We will show you how your company can create a modern, secure and cost-effective IT workspace for your employees. How your employees can use the devices they know and love on the job, and how you can increase productivity and motivation without compromising security.

How does modern and up-to-date IT help to permanently reduce your IT costs?

Accelit Remote Monitoring as well as the use of cloud applications allow you to combine two diametrically opposed goals in a simple way:
Reduction of your IT costs and at the same time a customized and improved IT service.

The speed of technological change, the technical complexity of the supporting IT systems, and increasing security and compliance requirements mean that the effective and efficient provision of IT is hardly feasible for small and medium-sized enterprises today.

Using cloud applications eliminates the investment costs of purchasing necessary software and hardware for your business. In this way, you reduce your capex requirements and only pay for exactly those services that you actually need at a given time. Depending on the situation, resources can be flexibly adjusted. If more IT resources are needed, they are immediately available without further investment. If the need for IT resources decreases, these can usually be reduced in the short term. Only operating costs directly attributable to value creation are incurred for services that you actually use.

The costs of operation and maintenance are also significantly lower for an SME with a cloud solution (also on-demand solution). The external cloud provider handles software updates, hardware repairs, device inventory, and application support.

With Accelit Remote Monitoring, a flat rate is tailored exactly to your needs. This enables us to plan with certainty and to deploy our capacities precisely and to calculate in a customer-oriented manner. For you, this means a reduction of your expenses by up to approx. 30% compared to classic IT services.

We sustainably reduce your IT costs and increase the agility of your company at the same time. This will make your company more efficient as well as more powerful and your IT costs will be lower compared to your competitors.

Why us?

Franz Klinzer, Managing Partner Operations (left) and Vitus Holzner, Managing Partner Controlling (right).

The philosophy of Accelit Consulting

Accelit Consulting GmbH was founded by Franz Klinzer and Vitus Holzner in 2015. It combines our many years of experience from the most diverse areas of IT with modern technologies.

It is our conviction that it is crucial for every company to keep an eye on current technological developments and trends and to integrate them into its own business processes. That’s what the Accelit is all about. We use this know-how to help you understand relevant technologies and use them correctly for you.

We pass on our knowledge from entrepreneur to entrepreneur.

What do our customers say about us?

Since we started working with Accelit, our employees spend significantly less time worrying about IT issues.

In the air freight industry, time is not only money in the figurative sense. Fast response times and efficient processes are absolutely crucial in our business. Accelit Consulting ensures with Accelit Remote Monitoring and Management that our business applications are always available with high performance. Faults are usually eliminated silently in the background, and our users’ inquiries are handled quickly and competently.
Since we started working with Accelit, our employees spend significantly less time worrying about IT issues. This not only frees up space for our core business but also reduces stress and frustration among our employees.
Andreas Putz
Special Operations & Sales Manager – RUNAIR GmbH

Accelit surprised us with new approaches and helps us to achieve our business goals in a more focused way.

At Maluni, wine is passed from person to person. In order to meet our highest quality standards and offer the best service to our customers, it is important that everything runs smoothly in the background. With Accelit Consulting we have found the right partner. Topics such as safety and efficiency have been redefined and are subject to ongoing monitoring and further development. Accelit surprised us with new approaches and helps us to achieve our business goals in a more focused way.
Stefan Culjak
Owner – Maluni Wines

Accelit GmbH takes care of issues such as security and efficiency, program failures are detected early with Accelit Monitoring and corrected before they occur.

Customer and property data are our most important assets. Here, however, it is not enough to meet the latest security standards, but also to be legally compliant as a company with regard to the new data protection regulations as well as GOBD guidelines. With the partnership support of Accelit GmbH, we are treading a very pleasant path for us. Accelit GmbH takes care of issues such as security and efficiency, program failures are detected early with Accelit Monitoring and corrected before they occur. Thus, we can fully dedicate ourselves to our passion, namely making people happy with our service.
Johann Schlachter
Managing Director – PS-Finanz GmbH


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